Extend Your 15 Minutes with These ... 

Public Relations: You may be known from the reality show that you appeared on, but once the cameras shutdown and the spotlight is out how can you continue to stay relevant? That is where Reality Star PR comes in. We can leverage your reality show appearance to help prop up your given talents to propel you toward your next phase of success. We will work to place you in media opportunities to display your expertise, skill, personality and/or talent. Want to go beyond your reality show? Hire Reality Star PR. 

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Branding & Marketing : A strategy for positioning your talents is the key to your success. If you want to earn endorsements, host other programs, be offered a business/merchandising deal or if you want to be hired for a celebrity appearance you need branding and marketing. Let us help you define your persona outside of the show(s) that made you "almost famous" we have the experience and you have the talent - let's put it all together.

Web Profile Strategy:  Having a distinguished online presence is essential to your career. Your online profile (your website, search engine results, social media etc.) is often the first way your next opportunity (e.g. endorsement deal, personal appearance, show booking)  will learn about you and decide if you are right from for their brand.  Let Reality Star PR custom design a website strategy that is right for your next 15 minutes and beyond.  

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